Making Our Whole Life Practice: Beginner's Meditation Retreat
Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia June 2-4
Cost: $95

Retreats don't have to cost a lot of money.

Our group is dedicated to insuring our retreats are as inexpensive as possible. Because our instructors volunteer their time and we split the costs evenly among participants, our retreat on in Georgia only costs $95 for room, board and retreat programming. Yup, $95 for a 3 day, 2 night retreat, all included and no strings or surprises. (I think there is a $5 a day parking fee from the State Park which you will need to pay on exiting the park.)

A few important notes about this retreat: This is a State Park with a campground. The campsite has air conditioning and 4 bedrooms with 10 bunks in each. There are men and women's bathrooms with showers, a full kitchen and a large space for our retreat workshops. (Did I mention there is a fire pit?) This retreat is so inexpensive because you will need to bring all of your own bedding, toiletries and towels. The bunks have mattress pads and nothing else. Additionally, for the meditation space, there are only folding chairs. We recommend if you aren't bringing a zafu, meditation cushion or seiza bench for yourself, that you bring a blanket or pad to make the metal folding chairs more comfortable. We will be sitting for long periods of time! If you have questions about the accommodations please email or call 203-613-3122.

Retreat Schedule


4pm - 6pm: Arrival
6pm: Dinner
7pm to 9pm: Beginner's Meditation Instruction and Retreat Welcome
10pm: Lights out


6am to 8am: Morning meditation (start time optional - join us when you wake up!)
8am to 10am: Breakfast & free time
10am to 12pm: Workshop
12pm to 2pm: Lunch & free time
2pm to 5pm: Meditation & Workshop
5pm to 6pm: Break
6pm to 7pm: Dinner
7pm to 9pm: Evening Meditation
10pm: Lights out


6am to 8am: Morning meditation (start time optional - join us when you wake up!)
8am to 9am: Breakfast
9am to 12pm: Meditation & Workshop
12pm: Lunch and Departures

This retreat will be lead by New Leaf Founder and Lead Instructor Anthony Cernera. Questions? Email Anthony or call him on his cell at 203-613-3122.