We're on a mission to teach a million people to meditate. Will you help us?

If you have been meditating regularly for at least a year you can apply for the New Leaf Meditation Instructor Training.

  • Our next training session starts June 1st.
  • We will be accepting applications until May 5th.
  • The course involves completing 10 modules which are mostly independent learning that you can do on your own schedule. You will work with a Training Adviser through out the process. Most trainees complete the course in 4 to 6 months and invest approximately 50 hours in their training. 
  • New Leaf Meditation Instructors are volunteers and can not be paid for their work. 
  • This training, like all of our other programs, is volunteer led and free of charge. 
  • This is not a certificate or licensing program. At the end of the training you are recognized in our group as a volunteer facilitator who can lead groups, conduct beginners instruction and fill other servant leadership positions in the community.
  • Once a New Leaf Meditation Instructor you'll join a group of fellow practitioners who have discovered the joy of sharing a life changing practice with others. 

After you complete the form below, I'll be in touch with in two days to schedule a screening and informational call. 

If you have any questions you may contact Anthony@NewLeafMeditation.org. 

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