Sometimes we need more than a few minutes of meditation... 

The holidays stress me out. Not enough time, money or daylight. It's weird because they are also my favorite time of year. This December I'm putting aside some extra time to meditate in the hopes that taking a deep breath will give me the serenity I need to enjoy this busy time of year. 

Online, free, half day retreats: Saturday, December 3rd, 12pm EST or Sunday, December 11th, 11am EST.

These retreats are limited to 10 people. Please RSVP with the form below.

A few details: We gather promptly at the starting time, discuss the retreat shortly, and meditate for 2 hours, take a 30 minute break, meditate for another 2 hours and close with an hour long group discussion.  We meet by webcam conference call. You can use a mobile device or a pc/laptop. There is a call in option, but we strongly recommend participating by video chat. The silence and being seen by each other helps each of us commit fully to our practice. Our two hour periods of meditation are broken into 25 minute chunks with 5 minute walking meditation/bathroom breaks.

For the half day retreat I'd ask that you commit yourself to attending the whole retreat and to treat the entire 5 hours as a chance to turn off your phone, step outside of your family life and work, and experience the whole period in silence.  

If you have any questions before signing up please email me at

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Please remember these retreats are roughly five hours long and space is limited. Please select one or both: