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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It


If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

I recently went through the process of creating a dream board. If you have never done this, I highly recommend it. Here is the short version of the process:

  1. Go through all of your magazines. Clip pictures, phrases, and words that strike a chord with you. Don't glue anything. Just make a big ol' pile of images and words that strike your fancy.

  2. On a large canvas or poster board. Start laying out the clippings. You might find that you want to lay them out in themes. Maybe you want one corner to be health and another corner to be career. It might be that the images want to flow all over the board. You might feel the need to fold the board and turn the board into a book. Start getting rid of the clippings that no longer feel right. Be creative and let the process move you.

  3. Glue the images into their places. You can write on the board or paint on it too. This is your dream board. Be as creative and free with it s you want.

  4. Leave space in the center of the board for a picture of yourself looking happy or radiant or for a quote/mantra that moves and motivates your spirit.

  5. Hang your dream board in a place where you will see it often.

This process is such a cool experience. You will literally feel the positivity flowing through you, and you will learn through much through the process.

Here's what I learned through the creation of my dream/vision board:

I am good at being creative.

I am good at making connections to people and building relationships.

I am hugely grateful for . . .
* Family ~ They love me unconditionally.
* Children ~ They let me be the nurturer that I was born to be.
* Friends ~ They hold me up and support me.
* Life ~ I learn something amazing every day.
* Health ~ I can fight more than I ever thought possible.

Three words that describe me . . .

Optimistic Smile Positive

I am proud of raising my kids on my own and buying my very own house!

I want to write!

I love drawing, painting, creating, writing.

I love hiking.

I love doing learning activities with my grandson.

I love going to concerts.

I love getting dressed up and being girly.

The thing I want most in life is PEACE.

This is my peace . . .

- ALL my kids around the house.
- Friends spending time together.
- My home with a beautiful yard and a comfortable interior.
- Feeling secure at work.
- Loving myself and who I am.
- Being creative.
- Spending time in nature.
- Being in the moment.

After all that profound thought, I was pretty worn out, but I kept going. I thought about who I really am and what I a capable of. Life lessons: I'm not me . . . I'm whoever I want to be at this moment. You're not tired . . . there's always a little bit more energy for play. Never give in to the exhaustion. Laughter really is the best medicine, and my spirit was filled again today with happiness.

I love my life!

See? Cancer isn't the end of the world. Whatever struggle you are going through at this moment is not the end of the world. The Earth keeps spinning on its axis. We keep moving forward and breathing. We keep living and laughing. And every day is a new opportunity to do it better.

Marla Ernest
New Leaf Meditation Project Guest Blogger

Marla Ernest is a breast cancer survivor, mother, grandmother, and educator.  When she isn't writing for her blog, she is making art and jewelry specializing in healing stones. Marla is an English as a Second Language learning facilitator and holds a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction.  Her goal is to help others heal their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies through humor, honesty, and the gifts of our earth.