Our Next Beginners Cohort STarts Monday, August 29th at 9pm EST. 

Our beginners cohorts are an easy way to learn everything you need to know to start meditating.

During the course we will teach you a simple technique, answer all questions you have, and suggest next steps to firmly establish your daily meditation practice. Limiting the group to 6 participants insures we can get to know each other and answer all of your questions. 

There are two requirement for this 5 day course. First is being able to attend the Monday, August 29th online session at 9pm EST and second is to read and respond to the emails that will be sent daily.  

This month's cohort will be led by New Leaf Meditation Instructor Adrienne Koon.  

If you can't participate in this session, sign up for our newsletter to get notification about future courses or request a one-on-one session with one of our meditation instructors. Questions? Contact Anthony@newleafmeditation.org

New Leaf Meditation Instructor: Adrienne Koon been meditating for 8 years and joined the New Leaf Meditation Project in 2014 in search of a support system for personal growth.  Adrienne is an Operations Manager for a call center out of necessity and a Humane Educational Society volunteer by choice.  She also plays chauffeur for her daughter year round for band and winterguard events.  Adrienne says, "I'm excited to share my experience as an instructor and hope to help others along their journey!"

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