Believe it or not, we all have a creative side to us!

Okay, so your best drawing might be a stick figure, but the way you craft words onto a page is nothing short of a masterpiece that tugs at the heart. It is all part of a creative process and worthy of exploration! Creativity is deeply personal and to share it with the world is sharing a piece of yourself.

Join us for a 15-day challenge in which we will explore our creativity as an extension of our meditation practice.

We welcome any form of creativity, whether it be drawing, photography, painting, writing, movement, etc. to join in on the daily prompts. Sign up below! 

Challenge Leader: Emily Royal is a Graphic Designer working hard to keep the ancient art of newspaper publishing alive at a small daily in Gardner, Massachusetts. Emily resides in Winchendon, Massachusetts, but will enthusiastically note that she is a native of New Hampshire.

Emily is the mother of two fuzzy kids and wife of one more fuzzy human grown up kid. Roscoe P. Coletrain, a temperamental mutt who was rescued during floods in Indiana in 2006, found his way into the hearts of Emily and her husband, Jason, at 11 weeks old. Once more in 2012, Daisy Duke stole their hearts in her overly affectionate black lab ways and makes herself at home nuzzled between them at night.

While Emily grew up in a United Methodist background, she recently sought out a non-prescription drug approach to managing her depression, anxiety and stress. She soon turned to zen meditation and yoga, whilst throwing in a bit of zentangle drawing in the mix. Emily says, "Every day I wake up alive, is the day I choose happiness...and to create art."